Working with Stephanie has been a wonderful experience. I hired Stephanie to design and build a website for me and I’m so glad I chose her. I’m in love with my website, one of the first things I said to her was “I feel like a real person now”.  It just made me feel alive! This was a first-time experience for me, she guided me through the process with ease, explaining every step of the way and many times more than once so I could really understand what my next assignment was.  Writing copy for my website was a huge undertaking. Stephanie was always very good at giving advice; explaining how to write in a way that would connect with my reader, how I needed to write in a way to catch their attention, how I needed to write in a way that would solve my readers problem.


Once the website was up and running she was available to fix any issues asap. I love how her package comes with training time. Training is recorded and so helpful. I have been able to go back and listen to the pieces I need to properly navigate the back office of my website. She has even been so gracious to include my husband in on some of the training since he is helping me with a lot of technical stuff.


I would highly recommend working with Stephanie, I had nothing but a positive experience. It is so important to have someone you can trust to guide you in the right direction, especially when it involves something you know nothing about. She gets us RDs, she knows many of us are technically challenged, she knows our personalities and most importantly she does Grade A work!  If the chance arises in the future I would definitely choose to work with Stephanie again.


Kathleen Oswalt, RDN